For Cole

Do you and I go to cursing randomness
Augh! the sight of willing hearts and decorous smiles
Proceeding through the years to mirror souls in trials
Beginning like the play of pups, intense
As from their little eggs birds sing contentedness
The young begin and end their day complete
Open and generous in mind and spirit
Impediments are only pebbles, these brave toddling edifices
Of he who goes into the Night of Giants
Bold with language, legs and bright contempts
For crippled History in all its hoary dilemmas
Believing events discrete and not triangle
Fear, Expectation, Love, these truth condemn
All be transformed by the consolation of wisdoms


To Hide or Not

Hinge on emotion is insecure
If another were to know, Oh, No
Keep your private secret.
Bolt the door on honest and pure

But hide from others, deceive your
What’s hid from self has most control.
Without – you are aware
Fantasies rule like rumor

Who’s to hear, someone must hear
Telling secrets means they aren’t.
Swings on poems and friends
Trust is a hammock somewhere

P’haps it’s best to be alone
Can’t say what I don’t see
Reluctance, refusal, or aversion
Surrender or disown

Awareness Dilated

Before Green and old cricket take their leave and presume
We distinguish between absence and loss
A thing like belonging absorbs.
The screen door out back, and light among talk

Between friends, why, memory seems safe
Of the past, pricked by sounds soft as Soon
Will be gone or seem so when sharp
In simplicity – no longer opaque, now eased by

Riches of trees, In winter I become divisible,
Cold sharpens being, spaces between,
Movement should be easier
Yet burden is defined by plummeting
Mercury – the symbol of flight. Ah, yes I shall miss you too?


Cooperation is not of today
Thought, the captive of dismay,
Rendered an easy bent reed
Prevailing winds decide my course
Wait to debate – for a thoughtful force.

My reason was clear on a recent day.
None relate to what I say
Can’t reckon or consider,
Gone the will to deliberate
There’ll be a better day for something’s-at-stake.

Now buried in blue heaven
Say, What if God were lost in emotion
When called upon to judge someone
Does he, too, fail to cerebrate
When feelings prevent him evaluate?

If I Had Known

If I had known how to balance a thing
There should have been nothing to learn or bring
From place to higher place through streets
Desolate, abandoned black roads of grief

The bottom of a hill seemed oh, so fearsome
Enough to halt my aim toward home
It was as if my legs were drilled
Unaffected – stilled against thought or reason

Looking back I see all manner of kinds
Mines and bleak, ladders arising
I learned to ride a silly cycle
While men and kittens kept making things lighten

(October 2006)

I Saw My Spirit

I saw my spirit in the dawn, its silver
There then there – on a sparrow wing.
Shouting – Not flying so much as flexing
Its power to divide the air – Slicing
Between heartbeats unseen

I saw my soul where tiny feet invaginate.
Confess under duress of extended throat
Its force – its mass times vigor

I see its aim – in a forgotten eye
On a scene that is spread like life –
Oh! sunrise on a feather
What news you bring on a beam!
A shining bay stretches out behind –

I Knew You Once

I knew you once –
Sometime – in some place
Home of my heart
Heart of my tongue